The Perfect Christmas Gift – Olight I1R 2 Eos Mini Keychain Flashlight

The perfect Christmas gift would be the kind of thing that anyone would like, whether they were into the types of things you read about on JTT or not. It would inexpensive enough to buy for someone you don’t know (like the mailman) and cool enough to give to family or a good friend. It would small enough to ship inexpensively or fit in a stocking. Most importantly, it would be available via Amazon Prime so you could shop last minute…

I found it.

Olight’s I1R Eos has always been a very cool flashlight. It’s ultra-tiny, USB rechargeable, well-built, incredibly bright for its size, affordable, and it has two useful modes that are easy to access in spite of the small size. This light is about as handy as a flashlight can be. It recently became an even better light. Olight updated it with a new version, the I1R 2 Eos, that has all the same great features of the original but with increased output – a surprising 150 lumens!

I’ve been using one of these lights on my keychain and it is easily the best keychain light I have owned. It is small enough to work in this role, bright enough to do real work, and the fact that is USB rechargeable means that buying odd batteries to keep your keychain light fed is a thing of the past. I especially like it as a sort of task light that prevents me from having to use my main EDC light. I love this light.

The Olight I1R 2 Eos ticks all the boxes mentioned about for a perfect gift. I’ve already ordered several for gifts this year and I may need to order a few more. It’s like gift giving cheat mode. Shoot, it’s cheap enough to treat yourself to one too.

Where to Buy:

Olight I1R 2 Eos on Amazon (affiliate link)

One Response to The Perfect Christmas Gift – Olight I1R 2 Eos Mini Keychain Flashlight

  1. Guesty McGuesterson December 10, 2019 at 15:19 #

    Yep. I actually have one of these in my pocket right now as I type this, along with a mini multitool and micro locking knife. Does the job well and is certainly bright enough to handle anything you’d need from a pocket EDC light. I highly recommend it and have other Olights as well.

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