Carbon Tactics Launches Ti Slice 2.0 on Kickstarter

Carbon Tactics has launched the Ti Slice 2.0, a gentleman’s EDC box-cutter, on Kickstarter. As is typical for them, it is already fully funded. They have been very successful in launching their products on the crowdfunding platform.

I own one of the original Ti Slices and it is an excellent. I use mine as a “public knife” (learn more about the public knife concept here). It is compact, lightweight, easy to carry, and very classy in appearance. The new Ti Slice 2.0 doesn’t reinvent the wheel or change anything that works. The only major difference is the availability of an aluminum version which SIGNIFICANTLY reduces the cost of the Ti Slice.

As usual, Carbon Tactics is offering some great perks for those who fund the project including some slick lanyard beads and a fire bead – a bead than can be scraped to create sparks for fire starting. The project has already been fully funded but the perks are still available.

Ti Slice 2.0 on Kickstarter

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