BCS APTUM Series – Additional APTUM Accessories

The Beez Combat Systems APTUM PC (plate carrier) system was introduced recently. As part of that release, we are covering many of the available options for this new PC. This installment covers the assorted accessories in the APTUM line which are also useful for many other plate carriers.

APTUM T Bag – The T Bag is a “belly bag” or drop bag that can be attached under the APTUM cummerbund flap. It sits directly below the front plate pocket and provides additional storage for first aid or admin items. It has a built-in tourniquet holder and internal elastic organization. The front of the T Bag features a large 4×6″ loop panel for attaching ID or chemlight holders.

APTUM Shoulder Pads – The APTUM Shoulder Pads are 6″ long and designed to be low-profile. They feature closed-cell foam/Hexcel padding for comfort and breathability. Their series of laser cut slots provide hydration and comms routing while remaining slick when not in use.

See all of the available options for the APTUM at BeezCombatSystems.com.

One Response to BCS APTUM Series – Additional APTUM Accessories

  1. Joe_K July 29, 2019 at 21:07 #

    I’m confused, why is there a bungee cord in the TQ pouch?

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