Forward Controls Design RBF

Forward Controls Design has released their new RBF (Recoil Buffer retainer, Forward controls). The RBF represents an improvement to a TDP spec buffer retainer pin. The pin portion is 10% thicker which will be of some comfort to those who have broken or bent buffer retainer pins in the past. It is machined from 17-4 stainless steel bar stock and heat treated.

Forward Controls Design views the RBF as cheap insurance.

When all the systems in an AR function properly, one could argue is that a reinforced buffer retainer isn’t necessary. We agree, except mix and match parts from different manufacturers and their varying adherence to TDP specs, tolerance staking is far from the exception. Many of us have had this inexpensive part break and toss its tip into the lower receiver, usually in the trigger group and cause a jam. RBF’s billet construction and reinforced tip aim to mitigate this, it could be viewed as cheap insurance, even if the way we make it is anything but cheap.

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