Gadsden Dynamics ALPC and Chest Rig Updates

Gadsden Dynamics just turned their product line on its ear. They added a brand new modular plate carrier, the ALPC, and applied some updates to their entire line of chest rigs.

The ALPC is both modular and customizable. Its components are available a la carte so that the end user can build exactly what they need.

The “Front Base” is the key part of the ALPC’s modular design. This part is somewhat like a standard placcard or cummerbund flap in how it is affixed to the front plate pocket. It is available with a number of load carriage options and can easily be swapped. Additionally, Gadsden Dynamics will eventually offer completely custom configurations like they do for their chest rigs.

Additionally, Gadsden Dynamics has updated the harnesses on their entire line of chest rigs. They are now removable and come with everything you need to attach them to industry standard plate carrier attachments.

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