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Gadsden Dynamics Teases New Med Kit Bag

The upcoming, as of yet unnamed, medical kit bag from Gadsden Dynamics is designed to strike a balance. It is large enough to carry and organize a very well-stocked kit and yet small enough to fit inside other bags, easily in a trunk, or even for motorcycle use.

The exterior of the bag has a large loop field, medical kit identification red cross, and a laser-cut PALS field on the back. It opens via a clamshell design to allow full access to all the contents. The interior of the bag features a ton of mesh pockets to allow visual identification of the contents and elastic loops for common items like tourniquets.

See more details, including video, on Instagram and check out GadsdenDynamics.com.

Gadsden Dynamics SimpleSacks

Gadsden Dynamics SimpleSacks are a simple way to organize small items. These pouches are constructed from heavy-duty nylon mesh material to keep weight low and allow some visibility to the items contained inside. They are closed with a heavy-duty zipper. They also have a pull tab that features a clever hook and loop label system.

SimpleSacks are available in 3 sizes (Small – 6″ x 6″, Medium – 7″ x 10″, Large – 8″ x 12″) that can be purchased seperately or together as a Family Pack.


Gadsden Dynamics Updates Chest Rig Builder

The Gadsden Dynamics Chest Rig Builder allows you to configure your own chest rig, see a real-time image of what the chest rig will look like, and see a real-time price for your custom creation. The Chest Rig Builder has been recently updated with all of the latest options and now users can pay directly through the website without having to receive a separate invoice.

You can find the updated Chest Rig Builder experience at:


Sneak Peek: Gadsden Dynamics AK Chest Rig

Gadsden Dynamics’ new AK Chest Rig fits their typically minimalist design language. In fact, it is extremely similar to their existing Underground Partisan Chest Rig but built to be AK-specific.

According to Gadsden Dynamics:

The mag pouches are specifically designed to hold up to wear and tear from the locking tab on AK mags – they have 1000D Cordura reinforced edges and a very unique integrated elastic retention system.

As with all Gadsden Dynamics chest rigs, the new AK Chest Rig can be used as a stand-alone chest rig or docked on a plate carrier as a placard. These could be available as early as this weekend.


Gadsden Dynamics DoubleStack Pistol Mag Pouch

The new DoubleStack Pistol Mag Pouch from Gadsden Dynamics is simple in its design but versatile in concept. It is simply a heavy-duty elastic pouch with an open top and a laser-cut backing. However, this simplicity also brings versatility as it will hold a wide variety of objects with solid retention – everything from pistol mags, to flashlights, to multitools, and other similarly shaped objects.


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