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Sneak Peek: Gadsden Dynamics AK Chest Rig

Gadsden Dynamics’ new AK Chest Rig fits their typically minimalist design language. In fact, it is extremely similar to their existing Underground Partisan Chest Rig but built to be AK-specific.

According to Gadsden Dynamics:

The mag pouches are specifically designed to hold up to wear and tear from the locking tab on AK mags – they have 1000D Cordura reinforced edges and a very unique integrated elastic retention system.

As with all Gadsden Dynamics chest rigs, the new AK Chest Rig can be used as a stand-alone chest rig or docked on a plate carrier as a placard. These could be available as early as this weekend.



Gadsden Dynamics DoubleStack Pistol Mag Pouch

The new DoubleStack Pistol Mag Pouch from Gadsden Dynamics is simple in its design but versatile in concept. It is simply a heavy-duty elastic pouch with an open top and a laser-cut backing. However, this simplicity also brings versatility as it will hold a wide variety of objects with solid retention – everything from pistol mags, to flashlights, to multitools, and other similarly shaped objects.


Gadsden Dynamics Shotgun Chest Rig

Gadsden Dynamics’ Shotgun Chest Rig lets the user carry 24 12 or 20 gauge shells in an easy-to-access location. It comes with an H-harness for use as a chest rig but it is also ready to attach to a host plate carrier via the vertical side release buckles and loop material on the rear. The rear loop panel can also serve as a mounting location for other accessories like Gadsden Dynamic’s tourniquet holder (not included).

The 1.5″ elastic loops are optimized for use with 12 gauge shells but they will also hold 20 gauge shells securely.


The Gadsden Dynamics Chest Rig Builder is Back!

Gadsden Dynamics used to have a Chest Rig Builder option on their old website but the feature hasn’t been available on the new site until now. The Chest Rig Builder is a visual interface for building a completely custom chest rig. You lay it out exactly the way you want it, watching it come together in real-time, and then Gadsden Dynamics builds it for you.

It’s easy to use, tons of fun to explore, and offers an unmatched level of customization.


Gadsden Dynamics Teases New Pouch Design

Gadsden Dynamics is set to improve their elastic magazine pouch design. They shared a new prototype for their pouch that will go into production in the near future. The new design uses Cordura on the “corners” to reinforce common wear points on elastic mag pouches and elastic in the center to provide the compliance necessary to accommodate a variety of magazines. It also has the benefit of giving the pouch enough structure to make inserting a magazine with one much hand easier.

Here are some of the details they shared about this pouch and future iterations:

  • Fits any 556 rifle magazine
  • Unique 4” elastic/Cordura retention system designed for ease of single-handed magazine insertion and 1000D Cordura reinforced edges for vastly improved durability and longevity
  • Secures to any MOLLE panel, standard every day carry belt, OR most inner/outer duty belts
  • No raw laser cut edges (except MOLLE slots), so no worries about fabric edges fraying
  • AK, 7.62, and pistol mag pouch options are next to come!

Stay tuned for more details on availability and what other products in the Gadsden Dynamics lineup will inherit this new design.


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