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Limited Edition RELV Camo Options at Gadsden Dynamics

Gadsden Dynamics is offering a few of their most popular products in the RELV Copperhead camo pattern. The available, limited-run products will include the Minimalist Assault Chest Rig, Underground Partisan Chest Rig, and their ALPC.

This will be a limited run and may sell out quickly. The RELV Copperhead option is already available as an option on the Gadsden Dynamics website. Visit GadsdenDynamics.com for details.


Gadsden Dynamics x Alpha Tactical OFAK

Gadsden Dynamics and Alpha Tactical have collaborated to release the new OFAK. This flexible pouch is made in the USA, Ohio to be exact, and shipping now.

Designed in collaboration with Alpha Tactical, the Alpha Tactical OFAK (Operators First Aid Kit) was designed to feature many value added features most kits on the market do not. It can be mounted via MOLLE/PALS or belt loop. The belt loop has a loop backing to secure to duty or battle type belt. The front of the OFAK has a 2″ field of loop for attaching patches to identify it as a medical pouch. It also has an elastic retention tourniquet holder on the bottom.

The OFAK can be accessed ambidextrously via our unique pull handle system designed to be tactilely unique when grabbing with gloved hands, in the dark, or out of the end user’s sightline. The insert is a hook and loop closed bifold design eliminating the need to open zippers or snap buckles during an emergency. Once opened the bifold insert can be hung from a magazine on a carrier via the strap. The insert is designed to hold a simple TCCC/TECC setup.


Gadsden Dynamics Storage Line

Gadsden Dynamics has launched a new storage solution line aimed at keeping prepared citizens organized. The first product in this line, the AR-15 MagRack, is a wall-mountable magazine storage rack with slots to hold 12 AR-15 magazines. It can also hold two of many double-stack handgun magazines per slot.

This steel rack is made in Ohio and features mounting holes that are 16″ on center for mounting to standard wall stud spacing. This allows the rack to hold the weight of loaded magazines without issue.


Sneak Peek: Gadsden Dynamics Placards

Gadsden Dynamics has had numerous requests for placard versions of their chest rigs and all those wishes are about to come true. They recently showed us photos of mountable placards based on their Underground Partisan and Minimalist Assault Chest Rig designs.

Minimalist Assault Placard

The chest rigs on which these placards are based feature four magazine pouches but the placards feature 3 to better fit the front of a plate carrier. The placards will mount via the industry-standard buckle spacing with hook and loop backing.

The new placards should be available very early in 2021.


Underground Partisan Placard

Gadsden Dynamics ALPC Side Plate Pockets Now Available

We gave you a sneak peek of the of the Gadsden Dynamics ALPC Side Plate Pockets last month. They are now available to purchase.

From Gadsden Dynamics:

The ALPC Side Plate Pockets are designed to be as thin as possible, while also providing excellent support for any 6×8 side plate (we highly recommend ShotStop Side Plates). The pockets are backed with spacer mesh for comfort and breathability. The cummerbund feeds inside between the laser cut MOLLE Cordura panel and spacer mesh (around the outside of the plate so it is pulled against the body). There are two strips of 1.5″ hook on the inside of the pocket that interface with the PALS loop panel on the ALPC MOLLE Cummerbund to secure it in the exact position you like. 


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