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Limited Time Only – Wolf Grey Underground Partisan Chest Rigs at Gadsden Dynamics

Gadsden Dynamics has a stash of the Wold Grey materials necessary to build a limited run of Underground Partisan Chest Rigs in that color. The material likely won’t last long so act fast.



Gadsden Dynamics Adds ShotStop Body Armor

Gadsden Dynamics is now offering ShotStop Body Armor. They have multiple plate options available, all of which can be used with Gadsden Dynamics’ Adaptable Lightweight Plate Carrier or ALPC. Now it is easy to build your entire armor set up in one stop.


Stocked Tourniquet Ankle Band from Gadsden Dynamics

Gadsden Dynamics is now offering their Tourniquet Ankle Band with a stocked option. The package includes the Tourniquet Ankle Band in your choice of colors, a QuikClot Combat Gauze, and a Combat Medical TMT Tourniquet. All you need to add is your ankle and some training.


Gadsden Dynamics Adds Combat Medical

Gadsden Dynamics is now a Combat Medical dealer. They currently offer the TMT Tourniquet, a CoTCCC approved TQ, with plans to carry additional Combat Medical products soon. The TMT fits the Gadsden Dynamics Tourniquet Ankle Band and Elastic Tourniquet Holder perfectly.


Gadsden Dynamics Clearance Sale

I’ve been following Gadsden Dynamics’ work for a long time and I can’t remember them ever holding a clearance sale… Until now. They have several of their best known items like Enhanced War Belts and various chest rigs marked way down as they transition to their new styles.

If you want some great deals, you will need to act fast. Some of these items have already sold out.


Gadsden Dynamics ALPC Enhanced Front Top

The Gadsden Dynamics has taken modular design to a new level in their ALPC (Adaptable Light Plate Carrier). It offers the end user the several unique ways to easily adapt its load carriage features to suit their needs.

Gadsden Dynamics is now offering the Enhanced Front Top. This new option allows ALPC users to change the top front portion of their front plate bag. The Standard Front Top features a slick design with just a large loop material field for patches or ID. The Enhanced Front Top adds a PALS field so the end user can add MOLLE compatible pouches.

Gadsden Dynamics seems to be constantly teaching the ALPC new tricks. Stay tuned for details on new options as they are available.

You can start building an ALPC at GadsdenDynamics.com

Deep Dive on Gadsden Dynamics Chest Rig Updates

Gadsden Dynamics has just completed a massive update to their product line including new products and upgrades to existing products. Their chest rigs in particular have learned several new tricks.

You can learn more about the upgraded functionality by visiting the Gadsden Dynamics Blog. You’ll find product information along side other useful information that the armed citizen will find useful.


Gadsden Dynamics ALPC and Chest Rig Updates

Gadsden Dynamics just turned their product line on its ear. They added a brand new modular plate carrier, the ALPC, and applied some updates to their entire line of chest rigs.

The ALPC is both modular and customizable. Its components are available a la carte so that the end user can build exactly what they need.

The “Front Base” is the key part of the ALPC’s modular design. This part is somewhat like a standard placcard or cummerbund flap in how it is affixed to the front plate pocket. It is available with a number of load carriage options and can easily be swapped. Additionally, Gadsden Dynamics will eventually offer completely custom configurations like they do for their chest rigs.

Additionally, Gadsden Dynamics has updated the harnesses on their entire line of chest rigs. They are now removable and come with everything you need to attach them to industry standard plate carrier attachments.


Sneak Peek: Gadsden Dynamics ALPC and Chest Rig Updates

Gadsden Dynamics is in the process of finalizing the design of their first production plate carrier along with updates to their chest rig line. The ALPC or Adaptable Lightweight Plate Carrier will have some clever features in keeping with Gadsden Dynamics’ other low-profile load carriage gear.

The ALPC and updates to the chest rig line will roll out in March. Stay tuned for details. GadsdenDyanmics.com

Gadsden Dynamics Adopts UW Gear Pouch Closure System

Gadsden Dynamics has adopted the UW Gear tuck tab pouch closure system. The tuck tab system will be used for the integrated medical and general purpose pouches of their line of chest rigs. Gadsden Dynamics will continue to offer their magazine pouches in their current open top configuration.

UW Gear’s pouch closure doesn’t use hook and loop or snaps. Instead, the flap is secured with a tuck tab system that is silent, robust, and easy to use.



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