Gadsden Dynamics – 4 Years of Hard Work

How cool is this? Gadsden Dynamics posted the following video on Instagram recently…


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We wanted to say THANK YOU for your support. We went from one sewing machine in a tiny condo spare room, to a unfinished basement, to a 900 square foot second story shop with an automated webbing cutter, five sewing machines and many more tools! We are so greatful for the support of our amazing customers that make our business possible. We arent a Chinese sweat shop, we are American owned and operated by people with a passion for freedom, quality products, and supporting the American economy! We have awesome plans for 2019 to grow substantially, and hope you will follow us on the journey to providing prepared civilians with practical, quality gear. . . @gadsdendynamics #gadsdendynamics #preparedcivilian #undergroundpartisan #tacticalgear #ourshop #fridayvibes #love #americanmade #americanbusiness #madeintheusa #businessowner #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #ilovemycompany #tacticalgear #thankyou #instagood

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This is a great example of what you are supporting when you buy from a small business. These businesses are run by real people who work hard at making great products and putting their neighbors to work in the process. I think we all respect the kind of hustle that it takes to grow a business like this.

One Response to Gadsden Dynamics – 4 Years of Hard Work

  1. Mick November 19, 2018 at 17:04 #

    They mentioned their 5 sewing machines, the 900 square foot shop and even the automated webbing cutter but they didn’t mention their employees. Whoops! You can’t do it alone.

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