RS Regulate GKR AK MLOK Rail

RS Regulate’s new GKR AK MLOK Rail promises to allow AK shooters to keep their heat shields, keep their cleaning rod, and gain QD sling sockets and 17 MLOK slots. The drop-in fit GKR will be available for AKs with or without sling loops. They have been teasing the new rail for a few weeks on social media and they released details at Red Oktober.

The GKR is not listed on the RS Regulate website yet but expect to find more details at soon.

2 Responses to RS Regulate GKR AK MLOK Rail

  1. Nik Giatis October 8, 2018 at 22:06 #

    Got handle that prototype and to talk to Scott about it at Red Oktober. Mounts via the front handguard retainer & receiver (with a swappable interface for different trunnion patterns). Interestingly its also cut to use standard heat shields that ship in polymer AK74M pattern handguards. Not to mention its real light for an extended rail.

  2. 2hotel9 October 13, 2018 at 17:31 #

    OK, I keep seeing all these addons for AKs, will they stand up to what my foregrip from factory will? I got to smack some gooner in the head to chill them out is it going to bend or is it going to put their stupid @ss on the ground with a gash you can see 6 months later? Punishing stupid is the goal, if my foregrip bends, twists and f&cks up I am the stupid being punished. Or when I drop through a door and there is a set of stairs there instead of nice, hard floor is it going to bend&twist when my old, fat a$$ lands on it sideways? Just some questions for the room at large, things it would be nice to know.

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