Multicam Quilts Update: New Camo Patterns, Prototypes, and Custom Options

There is a lot of news coming out of Multicam Quilts lately including two new Multicam patterns, an interesting prototype, and the availability of custom options.

Multicam Quilts were previously only offered in the original Multicam pattern. Now they are offering two new patterns on a limited basis. They already have 50/50 NYCO Multicam Tropic material in hand and are taking orders. This limited pattern will likely sell out quickly. Pre-orders are also already open for Multicam Black quilts which will be made once the material is available.

Typically, Multicam Quilts are backed with plush Polartec 200 fleece. However, they are experimenting with an interesting new option for the backing – Coyote Brown Polartec Thermal Pro FR. This fire resistant material is only in use on a prototype for now but it could become available if there is enough interest.

Finally, if you are following the development of these quilts on or social media, you have likely seen the custom options that people have been requesting like the paracord loops shown above. This is one of perks from buying a handmade item from a small business. They are able to accommodate customization requests.

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Visit their Intagram or Facebook pages to stay up to date on the latest quilts. Visit their page in the Equipment Exchange to order your own quilt: Multicam Quilts on


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