Wndsn Pocket Quadrant Telemeter

We’ve showed you Wndsn’s pocket calculators before. These trigonometry based tools allow the user to calculate distance, angles, and more with the need for electronics or electricity… none… at all. Their newest tool, the Pocket Quadrant Telemeter, is likely their most ambitious tool yet.

The basic function of this tool is to determine distance based on known object size but it can do a lot more than that. In fact, it has about 50 different known uses and the math involved is flexible enough that people are still finding ways to use it. The Pocket Quadrant Telemeter comes with an acrylic card etched with graphics that contain all the baked in trig functions, a dyneema cord, a tungsten carbide plumb weight, and a sleeve.

It also includes a printed cheat sheet for using Wndsn Telemeters and a digital copy of their comprehensive guide to telemeters. These instructional items are a must if you plan on even scratching the surface of what these tools can do.

Check out the Wndsn Pocket Quadrant Telemeter at WNDSN.com and learn more in their blog post.

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