Speedbox Endurance-40

The new Endurance-40 from Speedbox is a more compact, mobile storage solution than their original Voyager-70. If you deal with palletizing gear for deployment, the compact size is optimized for ISU 90 and 463-L pallet fit. If you are a regular guy like me, the compact size means Endurance-40 is easier to move and store while still handling up to 300 pounds of gear.

The new Endurance-40 shares many features with the larger Endurance-70. It is constructed from tough roto-molded plastic with lift points and stack/interlocking points molded into the exterior of the case. It is fitted with large, no-flat wheels for rolling on terrain. Speedbox uses beefy hardware for the cam latches, handle, and hinges to ensure a long service life.

The Endurance-40 seals air and water tight. It has a drain that enables it to be used as a cooler in a pinch. The drain and built in vent also ensure that the atmospheric conditions inside the Endurance-40 remain equal to those outside so the case is easy to open in all conditions.

These are obviously built for the military market but they have feature set that are interesting for the hunter or public land shooter. We are just scratching the surface of the features and functionality of these cases. Check out the new Endurance-40 at Speedbox.us for more details.

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