OV Innovations Cache Seconds – BARGAIN!

I’ve wanted to pick up an OV Innovations Cache – a modular beavertail/tailgate add-on for backpacks – since they came out. Last week, while browsing the OV Innovations website for an unrelated story, I came across their Cache Seconds. They are blowing out some Caches that they have deemed as not quite up their standards as seconds for $25. I couldn’t turn down a deal like that.

OV Innovations told me these are pretty rough by their standards but I can verify that they are completely functional. In fact, I would bet that most wouldn’t know these are seconds. OV Innovations wouldn’t let them out the door if they weren’t sure that they would perform.

I’ve wanted a Cache for use on my Hill People Gear Tarahumara. The Cache extends the usefulness of my Tarahumara into “shoulder” seasons where I have to carry extra layers that would otherwise take up most of the room in my pack. The Cache allows me carry these bulky but lightweight items outside my pack.

The clever design has large pleats with vertical stiffening rods to create a bellowed pocket. The design allows the Cache to lay completely flat when not in use but bow out to provide volume and encapsulate your gear. I have been able to rig it to several different packs and find it to be extremely flexible.

It is hard to go wrong with a piece of gear this flexible for just $25.

Cache Seconds at OVInnovations.com

One Response to OV Innovations Cache Seconds – BARGAIN!

  1. egsmachine June 25, 2018 at 09:19 #

    I’ve been waiting for these. thanks!!

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