Sneak Peek: OV Innovations TP3 Teeter Pouch

OV Innovations rolled out the first in their Teeter Pouch series last year. These pouches are ultra-light, versatile, and pack flat when not in use. The original Teeter Pouch mounts to 4 rows and 2 columns of PALS webbing. This makes it a great size for Nalgene 32 ounce water bottles (and even some larger items).

Now OV Innovations has let the lid off their upcoming TP3 Teeter Pouch, a more compact version of the original. The TP3 mounts to a 3×3 PALS grid. While it will still handle larger bottles thanks to its broad range of adjustment, it is better suited to smaller 20 ounce bottles or maybe even a spare rifle magazine.

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