Wildhorse Wear Natural Right Shirt

Long before there were firearms, before the 2nd Amendment was penned, before our nation even existed, men armed themselves with the most technologically advanced weapons that they could. Self-defense and the right to bear arms is, after all, a natural right.

The Natural Right Shirt from Wildhorse Wear drives home that point by pointing all the way back to a Native American petroglyph of a man on horseback, wielding a spear. You can see the original petroglyph above and there are images like this found on cliffs, rocks, and caves of nearly every continent. The right to bear arms transcends time, technology, and borders.

This is a shirt that makes a great point and makes it well.

Natural Right Shirt at WildhorseWear.com

One Response to Wildhorse Wear Natural Right Shirt

  1. Bark McDog June 16, 2018 at 13:16 #

    *deep sigh*

    Their right sleeve vertical American flag is backwards. Of course.

    I wish these super patriotic beards-‘n-tats companies would learn a little flag etiquette first.

    It’s real hard to look like a tough guy standing for a symbol when you don’t know how to display said symbol.

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