Aeroknox Knucks

What could be more American than really cool single finger knucks? How about really cool red, white, and blue single finger knucks?

I’ve enjoyed collecting knucks for a number of a years. I rarely carry them but I appreciate the way various craftsman add their own signature style to what is a basically just a very simple shape. It’s an interesting medium for creativity… like oil on canvas but with more black eyes.

Aeroknox is more known for their strikingly styled and beautifully machined handgun grips. These knucks are dripping with that same angular, stealth bomber style found on all of their products. I own one of these knucks in black, so when these patriotic versions popped up, they definitely caught my eye. These knucks are not currently available on the Aeroknox website but it is still well worth checking out

One Response to Aeroknox Knucks

  1. Nero May 9, 2018 at 18:11 #

    Nothing like an added charge of intent to do bodily harm or worse.

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