Gadsden Dynamics Enhanced War Belt

Most “battle belts” on the market are completely modular with no sewn in pouches. However, at Gadsden Dynamics, their mission is to create low profile gear targeted toward the prepared citizen. Sewn in pouches are generally lower in profile than their MOLLE mounted equivalents so… Gadsden Dynamics created the Enhanced War Belt.

The Enhance War Belt is unique among war belts in that it offers some sewn in magazine pouches. The user can choose between two different pouch configurations at the time of purchase but this pre-built approach works because most users will place their mag pouches in the same place on a modular belt. By sewing Gadsden Dynamics’ already low profile pouch design into these common locations, they can create a overall lower profile belt.

The purchaser can choose between 2 configurations: 2 rifle mag pouches and 1 pistol mag pouch or 2 pistol mag pouches and 1 rifle mag. They can also indicate if they prefer a right or left hand configuration. The Enhanced War Belt has full MOLLE coverage everywhere other than where magazines pouches are sewn.

The interior of the belt is lined with a grip material that prevents slipping over your clothing. The webbing belt runs through the entire length of the padded portion of the belt and is sewn in place to prevent slipping inside the pad. It is secured with the purchaser’s choice of a polymer ITW buckle or an AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle.

Check out the Enhanced War Belt at Gadsden Dynamics.

One Response to Gadsden Dynamics Enhanced War Belt

  1. Arminius October 23, 2017 at 11:18 #

    Gadsden Dynamics is a great company to work with (I had a custom chest rig made by them) and their craftsmanship and customer service is second to none.

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