Limited Edition Vickers Medic Sling from Blue Force Gear

Every once in a while, Blue Force Gear opens up the vault and rolls out a limited edition Vickers Sling. Whether it is a limited colorway or their functional but vintage-looking AK slings, they are always cool and they don’t last long. Their newest limited edition release is the previously unobtainable Vickers Medic Sling.

The Medic Sling has an additional slider to offer a wider range of adjustability than the standard Vickers Sling. The sling may be loosened or very quickly cinched close to the wearer if they need to their hands off the rifle. In the case of a medic, they can control their rifle against their body to free both hands for treating a patient. In your case, you can control your rifle against your body to free both hands for scarfing down sandwiches on the range.

From Blue Force Gear:

The Vickers Medic Sling was designed with input from 18D’s and other combat medics that wanted maximum adjustability in their sling, but didn’t want to deal with a long, flopping “tail” as found on some other slings.  The Blue Force Gear Medic Sling uses a dual adjustment set-up so that it functions as a normal Vickers Sling for most uses, but when it needs to be cinched down while working on a patient, fast-roping, or other dynamic activities the second adjuster can be moved through a wide adjustment range to dial the tension in perfectly.  It is made with our premium US materials and construction with a lifetime guarantee.

The Vickers Medic Sling was one of our very first limited release slings in our early days. Ever since it’s limited run, people have asked about it, and now the people have spoken. We’re offering a limited run of this sling for seven days only.

Each Vickers Medic Sling is built-to-order, which may not guarantee shipping within 48 hours of purchase.

As with all Blue Force Gear products, the Medic Sling is made with excellence in the USA, is Berry Compliant and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

Check out the Limited Edition Vickers Medic Sling at It will be gone on midnight, August 30th.

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