Snake Eater Tactical Tourniquet Optimized Burro

The Snake Eater Tactical (SET) Pistol Burro Magazine Pouches will carry a wide variety of items including tourniquets. However, tourniquets can be a bit of a tight squeeze so now SET has introduced a new tourniquet specific version of the Burro – The Tourniquet Pouch Burro.

The Tourniquet Pouch Burro is constructed the same way as the other Burro pouches – heavy duty elastic outer, an articulated stiffening insert, and a HANK/Hypalon liner to grip the contents – but it is slightly wider to accommodate the width of tourniquets like the CAT and SOF-T. It also has a small loop material square sewn on the front that can be used to display a medical marker.

Tourniquet Pouch Burro at

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