Buyer Beware: Counterfeit KDG Sidelok Mounts

If you are in the market for a Sidelok Mount from Kinetic Development Group (KDG), be careful. Counterfeits are starting to show up. KDG produced an image that shows some ways you might be able to spot one of these fakes.

In addition to the tells that are shown in the image, you can also see that the counterfeit does not include several machining steps like chamfers and tapers that are important to the structure and function of the mount. These things are easy to spot when you have the real and fake mounts side by side but more difficult to spot when you don’t have the benefit of a comparison picture.

The best way to insulate yourself from this kind of fraud is to only purchase your mounts from authorized dealers. If you are buying a used mount, insist on some pictures of the problem areas outlined in the image above.


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