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New From KDG: H&K 762 Ambidextrious Magaizine Release for HK 417 / MR762

New for fall 2019, KDG launches the first of a series of aftermarket accessories for Heckler and Koch firearms: The KDG HK 762 Ambi (Ambidextrous) Magazine Release. This is the first ambidextrous magazine release for the HK 417 variant rifles.  The mag release is a lever instead of a button; where the release has been moved backward toward the shooters hand allowing the shooter to use naturally with their index finger without having to adjust their grip. The Ambi Magazine Release is precision machined from 2 pieces of 4140 steel. Both pieces are Salt Bath Nitrocarburized case hardened, providing a protective corrosion resistant black finish. The Ambi mag release is compatible with all HK 417, MR762, G28, and any other 417 variant rifles (Including the new CSASS A1 rifle.) 

To learn more, visit https://kineticdg.com/product/hk762ambimagrelease/

or email at info@kineticdg.com

Instagram: @kineticdevelopmentgroup

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kineticdevgru/

Kinetic Development Group now offering the MUB: The Multi Use Block!

KDG is happy to stock these new innovative long range accessories, which also mate with our innovative Optics Hub, to give precision shooters even more of an edge to make that long shot!


The M.U.B. is a superior quality, multi-faceted mounting system designed to adapt to the individual’s needs.  Created by a top USASOC military sniper for use in the field when missions are critical to the safety of his team, The M.U.B. has stood up to the tests of military and civilian tactical shooters, PRS Shooters, professional and avid hunters, and premiere professional photographers.

Capabilities: Manfrotto and ArcaSwiss compatible base with picatinny rail locking bar

Materials: 6061 Billet aluminum construction, fully anodized gun metal black


Check it out here!




Used with or without the MUB, the wing adds more long range observation capability then ever before! The Wing is a fully integrated attachment designed specifically to open up the possibilities of what The M.U.B. can accomplish for you in any scenario.  Each arm can bear the weight of your heaviest DSLR to your lightest thermal scope, and more.  Mount everything you need to: See it. Film it. Shoot it.

Features: picatinny rail bottom, dual channel construction, two standard 1/4-20 screws

Construction: 6061 Billet aluminum, anodized gun metal black, detachable picatinny rail, removable 1/4-20 screws

100% Made in the USA

Check it out here!

KDG AR-15 Upper Available Exclusively at Primary Arms

Made exclusively for Primary Arms customers, this barreled upper receiver from Kinetic Development Group comes pre-assembled with everything you need to build a high-quality AR-15. The only upper components missing are the bolt carrier group and charging handle. The forged upper receiver already has the dust cover and forward assist attached to save you the trouble of having to drive pins or losing springs. The 16” barrel with mid-length gas system is securely attached via the barrel nut of the 13.5” freefloat handguard. The handguard is the main feature of this assembly. It is the KDG MREX-AR handguard that is modeled after their highly popular handguard for the SCAR rifle system. The handguard profile is designed to be more ergonomic than a standard tube design and makes using a c-grip very comfortable. It has a flat bottom to give you a stable rest when shooting off a support and utilizes the M-LOK attachment system so you can quickly add and take off accessories. The M-LOK segments are located along the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions to give you plenty of room for customization. If you are looking to quickly build an AR-15 rifle, then look no further. This exclusive barreled upper receiver will satisfy your needs and more.


  • Barreled upper receiver exclusive to Primary Arms
  • Ballistic Advantage 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel barrel with QPQ nitride finish
  • Nickel Boron extended M4 feed ramp
  • Low profile gas block
  • Ballistic Advantage melonite gas tube
  • Includes KDG MREX handguard
  • M-LOK attachment points for lights, bipods, fore grips, and other tactical accessories
  • Full length picatinny rail for red dot sight, iron sight, or scope
  • Hard coat anodized black
  • Forged upper receiver compatible with Mil-Spec lower receivers
  • Ballistic Advantage VG6 Delta flash suppressor/compensator muzzle device
  • Two quick detach sling mounts on either side of the handguard

This solidly built upper receiver is hard coat anodized black to give the aluminum even more protection against corrosion and wear. The barrel has a 1:7 twist rate combined with a mid-length gas system which gives it maximum versatility when shooting a bunch of different bullet designs and weights. The VG6 delta flash suppressor attached to the muzzle helps to eliminate muzzle flash to make it more pleasant to shoot in low light conditions and even works as a compensator to reduce muzzle rise. It has a black nitride finish and is heat treated to withstand the high gas pressures of 5.56 NATO.


KDG Fix It Sticks SCAR Tool Kit

Kinetic Development Group worked with Fix It Sticks to create a kit specifically for the SCAR.

We asked FIX IT STICKS to make us a one-stop tool kit for maintaining the FHN SCAR, and here is the result: A highly modular, multitool system that features a variety of specialty tools for maintaining and servicing your favorite firearms! The kit comes with standard 1/4” bits and two torque limiters for precise adjustments. These kits are designed for tightening down scope rings, mounts, action screws, M-LOK accessories, SCAR Barrel Change Screws, etc. in the field or at the range. The trademark FIX IT T-handle provides several modes of use, to gain leverage and reach hard to access parts like AR type pistol grip screws. Combine shop level function with the lightweight and portability of this field kit, and never find yourself wishing for a tool left back on the work bench when issues arise at the range. The entire kit comes organized in a black zippered ballistic nylon case, with enough room to add additional tools, lube, thread locker, etc.


Allen head Bits:

  • 0.05
  • 1/16
  • 5/64
  • 3/32
  • 7/64
  • 1/8
  • 9/64
  • 5/32
  • 1/4
  • 2.5 mm


  • T10
  • T15
  • T20
  • T25 (SCAR Barrel screws size)
  • T27

Also Includes:

  • Flat Head wide Screwdriver bit
  • Flathead narrow screwdriver bit
  • 16.5 Inch pound Miniature Torque Head Limiter for Scope rings/small screws
  • 62 Inch pound Miniature Torque Head Limiter for SCAR Barrel screws
  • Set of Replaceable Fix It Sticks driver


Buyer Beware: Counterfeit KDG Sidelok Mounts

If you are in the market for a Sidelok Mount from Kinetic Development Group (KDG), be careful. Counterfeits are starting to show up. KDG produced an image that shows some ways you might be able to spot one of these fakes.

In addition to the tells that are shown in the image, you can also see that the counterfeit does not include several machining steps like chamfers and tapers that are important to the structure and function of the mount. These things are easy to spot when you have the real and fake mounts side by side but more difficult to spot when you don’t have the benefit of a comparison picture.

The best way to insulate yourself from this kind of fraud is to only purchase your mounts from authorized dealers. If you are buying a used mount, insist on some pictures of the problem areas outlined in the image above.


KDG SIDELOK Aimpoint Micro Absolute Co-Witness Mounts

Kinetic Development Group has introduced an absolute co-witness version of their SIDELOK mount for Aimpoint Micros (and compatible optics). The mount retains all the features of other KDG SIDELOK mounts including their extremely simple rail mounting and push-of-a-button dismounting.

KDG and AXTS SCAR Talon Safety

Kinetic Development Group and AXTS Weapons Systems have teamed to bring the Talon ambidextrous safety to the SCAR family of rifles.

kdg axts talon scar

KDG is happy to announce our partnership with AXTS Weapon Systems of Salem Oregon! AXTS has made a name for itself with it’s popular Raptor charging handle and MI-T556 carbine, as well as the Talon safety for the AR-15. The new Talon Ambidextrous 45/90 Safety Selector is one of the most easy to install, user friendly safeties on the market, and a natural choice for the FNH SCAR series of rifle. AXTS will be selling the SCAR edition of their Talon exclusively through KDG, effective immediately! The Talon comes as user installable kit, allowing for full ambidextrous engagement of the selector. The patent pending design also allows for easy configuring of either a 45° short throw, or 90° throw as found on stock AR-15, M4 and M16 rifles. Now, users can match their safeties across various common platforms in both form and function all without removing the safety from the lower! The Talon features a screw-less design, so you will never have to worry about levers coming loose or falling off. This is a 2 lever kit with additional lever sizes available from AXTS. The SCAR TALON is made in America from 7075 aluminum, in MIL-SPEC hard black anodized (type III) finish. KDG will additionally have a FDE colored option available within a few weeks. Gain the benefit of additional leverage, increased engagement surface for larger hands, and ease of use when wearing gloves with the SCAR Talon safety selector!  MSRP is $79.95, and is available NOW on KDGs website and at authorized dealers. For more information, please visit kineticdg.com or email info@kineticdg.com

KDG Releases SIDELOK – Aimpoint Micro Mount

Kinetic Development Group (KDG) has releases their SIDELOCK – Aimpoint Micro Mount. It is available from their website and authorized dealers.


From KDG:

KDG expands their lineup of SIDELOK optic mounts with a new model for the popular Aimpoint micro red dot optics. Designed to fit Aimpoint T1, T2, H1 and H2 models, the mount will also fit other popular miniature red dots that share the same footprint. The Sidelok micro mount allows the user to achieve a lower 1/3 co-witness with flip up iron sights when mounted on the AR-15 or M4 carbine.  This lightweight, 2.7 ounce Aluminum mount uses KDG’s Sidelok (pat. Pending) cam lock system to attach to picatinny rails instantly. With no tools needed to attach the mount, the user simply rocks their setup onto the chosen mounting space, and down onto the rail. Once pressed down, the Micro Mount self locks, and the optic can be zeroed in the usual fashion. Removal is equally fast, and can be accomplished with one hand even while wearing gloves. The front-located release button has a smaller, recessed secondary lock, which must be deliberately pressed in to facilitate removal; similar to the way a Glock trigger safety works. Do to its’ design, it is virtually impossible to accidentally engage the release, and the cam lock system ensures a secure grasp on various sized (and some out of spec) picatinny rails. This equates to a fast, easy means of removing and attaching optics while retaining an absolute return to zero. The smooth sides of the mount prevent snagging and “Busted Knuckle Syndrome”, while the unique skeletonized riser reduces the overall weight of the mount.

KDG plans to continue releasing more Sidelok models for other common optics, including one for the recently released Trijicon MRO. The new Aimpoint Micro Mount is currently available on their website and at their authorized dealers and distributors. MSRP for the mount is $139.00. For more information visit the links below.



FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/kineticdevgru

INSTAGRAM: @kineticdevgroup


KDG Releases Kinect MLOK Universal Offset Mount

Kinetic Development Group just released their new Kinect MLOK Universal Offset Mount. It features an offset, 3 slot section of picatinny rail that is also machined to direct-connect with Surefire Scout light bodies. This mount will allow users to offset mount a wide variety of weapon lights to MLOK compatible hand guards.

UOS #1

The MLOK Universal Offset Mount uses their Kinect technology to act as a quick-detach interface between the mount and MLOK compatible slots. To mount the offset rail, you simply press the mount into place which automatically triggers the Kinect mechanism and locks the mount in place. Removing the mount is as easy as depressing the buttons found at each end of the mount.

Check out the Kinect MLOK Universal Offset Mount at Kinetic Development Group.

UOS #2 UOS #4

KDG SIDELOK Aimpoint Micro Mount

Kinetic Development Group released a video preview of their upcoming SIDELOK Aimpoint Micro Mount. The new mount uses their proprietary SIDELOK system to automatically lock onto the rail when it pushed into place by the user. It weighs in at 2.9 ounces which puts it at the lower end of the scale in terms of weight.

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