Crowdfund This: Hawkrigger Switch System

UK Based belt maker, Hawkrigger, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new Switch System. Hawkrigger’s existing belts already blur the line between tactical/outdoor and casual wear. The Switch System promises to blur that line even further with its interchangeable buckles.

The belt is designed to go from hiking duty, to range duty, to office duty simply by changing the included buckles. Each belt “system” come with the belt itself and 3 buckles. The first buckle is a simple, casual slider style buckle that Hawkrigger calls an Urban Buckle. The second is Hawkrigger’s exclusive lay-flat riggers style buckle called the Smokejumper. Finally, the set includes a 38mm Cobra Buckle. The image below shows ways you might use each of these options.

There are a number of color and buckle finish options available for backers. Check out the Hawkrigger Switch System on Kickstarter.

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