Dedicated Suppressor AR-15 Barrels – Sionics Weapon Systems

Suppressors may be easier on your ears but they can be tough on your rifle especially when you consider how over-gassed many AR-15s are before you even mount a can. Sionics Weapon Systems has tackled this issue before with their Reduced Gas Port Barrels but now they are taking that concept a step further.

Sionics has announced the impending arrival of their newest generation of their Reduced Gas Port Barrels – Dedicated Suppressor Barrels. These barrels are designed to function smoothly and reliably as full-time suppressor hosts. To accomplish this, Sionics uses a gas port diameter so small that the host rifle will short stroke without a suppressor installed. The result is a a rifle and suppressor combination that cycles much like a perfectly gassed rifle without a can.

These barrels will be available soon. Stay tuned for information.

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