S2Delta Modular Tactical Sling

The design of the S2Delta Modular Tactical Sling or MTS allows it to transition from a 2″ strap for comfort to modular 1″ straps where it connects to the firearm. These user replaceable 1″ straps are available in a number of configurations and allows the MTS to fit a variety of rifles and shotguns.

The sling features coarse length adjustment on the 2″ strap section and a webbing tab that can be pulled to adjust the sling quickly. The 2″ to 1″ webbing adapters are made of steel for durability and there is a D-ring sewn into the rear portion of the sling that can be used with a CLASH Hook to create 2 t0 1 point sling functionality.

The MTS is made in the USA. You can learn more at S2Delta.com. They sell their slings via Amazon.

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