Whiskey Two Four Quick Adjust Ultra Light Carrying Strap

You may remember Whiskey Two Four’s previous version of the Ultra Light Carrying Strap. It was just what it sounds like… a very simple, very lightweight strap with no quick adjustment feature. The new version, the Quick Adjust Ultra Light Carrying Strap, is very much like the original but with the addition of a quick adjust slider.

The new version features the same 1/2″ webbing as the original and the same type of wide, laser cut nylon “pad”. I placed pad in quotation marks because there is no actual padding. It is just thin piece of material that is very wide to help bear the weight of the rifle.

The slider is very low profile. You just grab it with your support hand, then push to tighten or pull to loosen the sling. Everything about this sling is thin, light, and simple.

Check out the Quick Adjust Ultra Light Carrying Strap at Whiskey Two Four.

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