Tyrant Designs MOD ForeGrip

Tyrant Designs rolled out their new MOD ForeGrip just in time for Black Friday. We mentioned it briefly then but it is worth going back for a detailed look.


The MOD ForeGrip, like most everything that rolls out of the Tyrant Designs shop, is CNC machined from aluminum and also features a polymer grip insert. It’s design allows it to be mounted on either M-LOK or KeyMod slots. Tyrant Designs takes great care with the finishing of these grips with all of them being chamfered to reduce sharp edges.

The shape of the MOD ForeGrip allows for both thumbs forward and thumb over grips. The polymer insert gives the shooter’s palm something to grip will the hooked shape gives something to pull back against when drawing the rifle aggressively into the shoulder pocket. The MOD ForeGrip also features a short, heavily textured ledge that works as a barricade stop.

The MOD ForeGrip manages to pack a lot of features into a relatively slim package that sits very close to the rail it is mounted on. It weighs in at 1.7 ounces thanks to its radically skeletonized design.

Check out the MOD ForeGrip at Tyrant Designs.


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