He Went to Lone Wolf Distributors

Forget elaborate plans with sky writing, flash choirs, rose petals, and any of that weird, sissy stuff. If you are looking to propose to a young lady, just go to Lone Wolf Distributors. They can help make that day (and her Glock) really special with their custom engraving service.

Kudos to the man who worked out this plan to buy a new Glock… I mean propose marriage.


One Response to He Went to Lone Wolf Distributors

  1. Tyler December 2, 2016 at 08:13 #

    Nothing says a man loves a woman like getting her a gun.
    It says I value you; those things are expensive.
    It says I care about you; providing her a way to remain safe.
    It says I trust you; because now she can shoot you if you screw up.

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