ALG Defense EMR V0-E

ALG Defense has taken the wraps off the newest rail in the excellent Ergonomic Modular Rail (EMR) line – the EMR V0-E.

The EMR line is already very affordable thanks in large part to a design that requires much less machining than typical rails. The EMR V0-E takes that minimal machining idea to a new level. It is nearly a simple cylinder shape save for some venting at the front and subtle machined flats around the circumference of the tube. This allows the EMR V0-E to sell for a scant $80.


The vents on the forward portion of the tube will allow the user to attach the regular V0 rail sections so light and front sight mounting shouldn’t be a problem. The tube also includes a QD sling swivel socket for sling attachment. Other than that, the EMR V0-E is designed for the shooter who doesn’t need to attach a lot to their rail. This could be the ideal rail for hunting and precision applications or simply for a shooter who wants a solid rail on a tight budget.

It is tempting to think we have come full circle back to the days of knurled aluminum free float tubes but that isn’t necessarily the case here. Unlike the simple tubes of years past, the EMR V0-E is fairly light in weight (though obviously not as light as the regular V0), it is fairly small in diameter, and it has a very good barrel nut design which is something that most early tubes lacked.

Check out the EMR V0-E at ALG Defense.

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