Desert Tech MDR Update


Desert Tech’s MDR is one of the most hotly anticipated rifles on the market. However, like most new firearm designs, this bullpup has seen some delays in coming to market. Here is the latest update from Desert Tech:

November 1, 2016
Dear Valued Customers,

The MDR is in longevity testing and most of the MDR parts have already been transitioned into production. We expect all parts to be in production within the next few weeks. Our goal was to get the first batch of MDR’s completed in December but a number of small unexpected delays have pushed it into January. The production ramp-up is expected to be at full capacity by March 2017. This is the most current information we have and we will alert everyone of any changes. We will also try to share more insight with you on the MDR’s performance during November. We truly appreciate everyone’s patience and support.

Nicholas Young


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