Faxon Firearms 18″ GUNNER Profile AR-15 Barrel

Faxon Firearms’ GUNNER Profile AR-15 barrels are very interesting barrels across all the lengths that they offer but they are especially interesting in the 18″ and 20″ lengths. This profile is a sort of hybrid between government profile and a pencil/lightweight profile – or you can think of them as a lightweight version of the SOCOM profile. Basically, they have a government profile behind the gas block and a lightweight profile in front of the gas block.


All of that means that they feel very light because of the weight distribution but have a bit more “meat” where it counts. I have recently handled two rifles built with the 18″ barrel that almost messed with your mind. They handled more like a 16″ lightweight or medium contour barreled AR-15 than an 18″ rifle.

These GUNNER Profile barrels open up the possibility of relatively lightweight and fast handling AR-15 builds that handle like a shorter carbine but reap the benefits of increased velocity and smoother cycling associated with rifle gas, 18″/20″ barrels.

The 18″ GUNNER Profile Barrel is in stock right now and on sale. Check them out at FaxonFirearms.com.

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