Magpul Microaggression T-Shirts


Magpul sends:

Run to your “Safe Space”. Magpul introduces Microaggression T-Shirts.

Truth shouldn’t be considered aggressive, micro or not. Facing reality is the best self motivator there is. That thought is the basis for a new series of T-Shirts from Magpul industries.

Suck Less -Do you want to be better and do better? Then don’t be afraid to tell yourself and anyone else the score, because there’s not a trophy for every one, but if you want it, you should suck less. Get yours at:


One Response to Magpul Microaggression T-Shirts

  1. Cymond September 19, 2016 at 17:50 #

    It would be kinda funny if they printed them backwards, to be read in a mirror.

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