An Ode to the Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Line

Blue Force Gear recently posted a picture on their Facebook page that sums up a lot of what I have come to love about their Ten-Speed line. The image (below) shows a Ten-Speed Triple M4 Mag Pouch , loaded with a variety of items that AREN’T M4 magazines, mounted over another magazine shingle on the front of a plate carrier.


We all know that Ten-Speed pouches can hold a wide variety of items thanks to their elastic construction and I have really come to appreciate that about them. This is illustrated well in the photo above. However, their slim profile when empty is what I like most and something for which they don’t get enough press. They can be mounted over existing pouches or even in places behind other gear like clip-on chest rigs/magazine panels due to their completely flat profile. This adds a lot of versatility to any load carrying gear they are attached to without a penalty in the form of bulk or weight.

Their unique form factor allows you to use Ten-Speed pouches in completely different ways than you would use other pouches. You can learn more about the Ten-Speed line at Blue Force Gear.

There are actually BFG Ten-Speed pouches behind the chest rig on this Mayflower R&C APC.

There are actually BFG Ten-Speed pouches behind the chest rig clipped onto this Mayflower R&C APC. Try that with other mag pouches!

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