Magpul Enhanced Receiver Extensions

Magpul has released their new Enhanced Receiver Extensions for the AR-15/M4 and SR-25/M110.

magpul enhanced receiver extensions

Not your average receiver extensions. Constructed of impact extruded 7075-T6 aluminum with Type III, Class 2 hard coat anodizing for an extremely hard, abrasion resistant surface. The interior of the receiver extension features Everlube® coating for enhanced corrosion resistance and reduced friction. Available in a 7-position AR15/M4 profile as well as a 10-position SR25/A5 profile optimized to fit with the full line of Magpul Mil-Spec carbine stocks.

These are being released as part of an entire line of AR-15 stock related small parts that includes buffers, end plates, and castle nuts which great news for AR-15 builder. Check them out at

3 Responses to Magpul Enhanced Receiver Extensions

  1. Kyle August 23, 2016 at 14:14 #

    Do you think this is any signal that will magpul soon branch into the rifle market? or will they stick to just accessories/builder market?

    • Jim August 23, 2016 at 14:34 #

      Given their recent disasters with their glock mags and AK mags I would sure hope that they do not venture into the rifle market. Keep in mind that the Bushmaster ACR was a creation of Magpul, known as the Masuda, which turned out to be a horrible rifle.

      • Jimmy Russells August 25, 2016 at 16:21 #

        Their AK and Glock mags weren’t ‘disasters’; the Glock mags had some early issues that were swiftly handled and I hadn’t heard of any issues with their AK mags; care to elaborate? With regard to the Masada/ACR, Magpul sold the rights to Bushmaster; there was no collaboration between the two after Bushmaster bought the rights. Magpul created the original concept, but the actual faults with the Bushmaster production examples lie solely with Bushmaster; Magpul couldn’t tell Bushmaster what to correct after they had already sold the rights to the rifle. This post reads like it was written by a Thermold or ProMag employee.

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