Sionics Weapon Systems Builders Course – Build Your Own Patrol Rifle Three

Will Larson is one of Sionics’ secret weapons. As a master armorer, he ensures that every AR that goes out the door is worthy of the Sionics name. He also travels the states delivering some of the best known AR-15 armorer’s training in the country with Semper Paratus Arms.

Now you have a chance to not only receive some excellent training from Will in how to build an AR-15 but to also walk away with your very own Sionics Patrol Rifle Three – built with your very own hands. The Sionics Weapon Systems Builder Course costs only $1129.95. You get training from Will Larson in assembling your AR-15, a Patrol Rifle Three that you built, access to all the tools necessary to build the rifle (no need to bring your own), and they will even provide lunch. Basically, you are getting training, one heck of a fine rifle, and lunch for less than the cost of the rifle if you bought it complete!

The course will be held at Sionics headquarters in Tucson, AZ. There will be to dates offered – September 17 and 18. Register at Sionics Weapon Systems.


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