Spirit of Blue Tourniquet Project

Spirit of Blue is teaming with North American Rescue to put life saving tourniquets in the hands of police officers around the country.


Spirit of Blue is launching the Tourniquet Project with the goal of granting 500 tourniquets to police officers across the country who are in need of one.  With every $30 donation, Spirit of Blue will grant one C-A-T Tourniquet from North American Rescue.  Tourniquets have proven to be one of the most affordable and effective lifesaving tools on the modern battlefield and the potential for them to protect the lives of law enforcement officers is just as great, though access to them pales to that of in the military.  So, we aim to get 500 new tourniquets into the hands of officers before the end of the year and then grow this program consistently over time.

Check out the Spirit of Blue Tourniquet Project.


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