Austere Provisions Company CORE Panel

It’s been a long time since I wrote about the CORE Panel from Austere Provisions Company (APC) but they recently released a new promo image that jogged my memory on this versatile piece of kit. The CORE Panel is made for APC by Blue Force Gear (BFG) from BFG’s proprietary ULTRAcomp material and using their MOLLEminus technology.

APC Core Panel

It is called a “panel” but it can also be opened up like a bag. You can attach MOLLE compatible pouches to nearly every surface of the CORE Panel. It can also accept straps and buckles along its perimeter. The simple design and versatile attachment points allow it to function as a go bag, med kit, bandoleer, or even an improvised chest rig. I have even used it as an expansion panel for a larger backpack.

You can check out our previous review of the CORE Panel for more information or visit the Austere Provisions Company website.


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