CRKT Field Strip Technology

I cringe whenever I see someone using a folding knife to process a game animal. I know it can be done and I’ve done it myself but all I can think about is what a pain it is going to be to clean the blood, fat, and hair out of the knife. Apparently, CRKT feels the same way because they created their new Field Strip Technology – a construction method that allows the knife user to easily open and clean a folding knife.


The Field Strip Technology is available first on a Ken Onion collaboration folder called the Homefront. By simply closing the knife, throwing a recessed, and loosening a thumb wheel, the Homefront can be seperated into component parts (see it in action below). Thankfully, it is designed so that small parts like washers, pivots, and the like are captive so that when you take the knife apart, you only have 3 parts.

You can learn more about Field Strip Technology in the video below or by visiting CRKT.


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