Vigilant Gear Micro SERE Kit 2.0

Vigilant Gear has revamped their Micro SERE Kit. The new Micro SERE Kit 2.0 comes in a new container, with new components, and with new packaging.


The new container is a lot like the old one in that it is a compact plastic clamshell box but it is now made from opaque black plastic rather than clear plastic. The new packaging looks good and has product information printed on the box.

All of that is great but I am sure you all want to know what’s inside. The new kit includes:

  • (1) Black Plastic Storage Case (2.3″ x 1.8″ x 0.5″)
  • (1) Mini Survival Mirror with SOLAS panel
  • (2) Polymer Handcuff Key
  • (1) Ceramic Razor Blade
  • (1) Tinder Quick Firestarting Tab
  • (1) 14mm (Grade AA) Luminous Button Compass
  • (1) 6ft Length of 188LB Kevlar Cordage
  • (1) 6ft Length of Stainless Steel, Nylon Coated Leader Wire
  • (1) Spring Steel Split-Pawl Handcuff Shim
  • (1) Quick Stick Bypass Tool
  • (1) EZ Decoder Bypass Tool
  • (1) Micro Escape Tool
  • (1) Ferrocerium Rod
  • (1) Diamond Wire Blade
  • (2) Bobby Pins
  • (1) SERE V-Cutter
  • *Optional Bogota Titan Nano Entry Toolset

You can view the contents of the old kit HERE.

The Micro SERE Kit 2.0 is in stock and that is rarely the case for long so act fast. Check out the Micro SERE Kit 2.0 at Vigilant Gear.

Vigilant_Gear_Micro_SERE_Kitv2_3__78701.1446831070.1200.1200 vigilant gear micro sear kit 2 packaging

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