Gunstruction June User’s Choice AR-15 Build

Gunstruction compiles the most popular parts from each category in their virtual AR building tool into a single User’s Choice Build every month. These builds are always an interesting look into consumer trends since Gunstruction’s user base and part selection is fairly broad.

Every month I chronicle these builds and every month I write about how they still feature EOTech sights in spite of the issues that have been exposed with them. It has become clear that Gunstruction user’s just prefer EOTech or they are trolling me. There is heavy Magpul representation in this build as usual. Virtual SBRs also seem to be becoming more popular. Whether or not that is translating to people actually building real SBRs is not apparent.

Gunstruction June AR15

One Response to Gunstruction June User’s Choice AR-15 Build

  1. publius July 5, 2016 at 14:23 #

    I give up. I think Gunstruction users’ avg age must be 13 and they build what they see in video games.

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