New Gen2 Skeleton Universal Magazine Carrier from PHLster

PHLster‘s new IWB Magazine Carrier, the Gen2 Skeleton Universal Magazine Carrier, is kind of awesome. It’s just a magazine carrier but it also represents some interesting innovation which is what we have come to expect from PHLster. Kydex benders like John Hauptman (PHLster head honcho) and Anrew Henry at Henry Holsters don’t seem to be content with just making good products. They trying to change the way good products are made.


Here is the bottom line, the new Gen2 Skeleton Universal Magazine Carrier is half the price of the PHLster’s old IWB Magazine Carrier. On top of that, it has less parts that can potentially fail, is more compact, and easily user serviceable. This was accomplished by completely changing the way Kydex products are generally made.

Rather than using a variety rivets and Chicago screws to hold the materials together, the new Gen2 Skeleton Universal Magazine Carrier is held together by a single piece of user replaceable shock cord. The two independently molded halves of the carrier have dimples that index them together and prevent excess movement. This greatly simplifies the production of the piece, reduces the amount of hardware necessary, and reduces the overall size of the carrier – all of which have down stream benefits for the end user.

Check out the Gen2 Skeleton Universal Magazine Carrier from PHLster.

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