OTD LLC Nub Mod for Safariland ALS Holsters

Safariland’s ALS holsters are some of the easiest to use level II security holsters available. ALS holsters release the firearm by means of a small nub that is pushed to the rear by the user’s strong side thumb during the draw stroke. The nub, as designed by Safariland, generally works pretty well but for users who want to improve the drawstroke, there is the OTD LLC Nub Mod.

otd nub mod 1

The Nub Mod is a two piece, hard anodized aluminum, bolt-on attachment for the stock ALS nub. It enlarges the nub and improves the angle at which the user’s thumb interfaces with the nub. Installation is very straight forward and requires no permanent modifications to the holster.

The Nub Mod is available in two versions. The first is the standard version used for ALS level II holsters. The second version is also compatible with ALS level II holsters but has an angled relief cut to add clearance for the hood found on Safariland’s level III SLS holsters. It is also available with FDE or Grey finishes to match your holster.

If you are using your ALS hoslter in a law enforcement or security role there is reason to give careful thought to making the gun easier to get out of the holster. Many shooters, myself included, use ALS holsters as a way to provide some extra retention during outdoor pursuits/work and this modification is a no-brainer for those activities.

otd nub mod 2


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