Primary Weapons System’s (PWS) new FSC MOD 2 has some big shoes to fill. The FSC series of muzzle devices with the FSC556 in particular, are iconic for their dead-level muzzle control and sufficient flash suppression. They were some of the earliest of the so called hybrid muzzle devices and they remain some of the best in terms of performance.

The new FSC MOD 2 appears to have a very similar design for the device’s side ports but the flash suppression prongs have been done away with in favor of a closed end with slots. As long as the FSC muzzle devices continue to offer the neutral muzzle control that made shooters fall in love with them, this new version will be a hit.

Check out the FSC Series page at PWS. As of the time of this writing, all previous generation FSC devices are shown out of stock and the FSC MOD 2 is not yet listed.

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