RE Factor Tactical Drive-by Kit

The RE Factor Tactical Drive-by Kit is now available. This is a unique piece of gear that acts something like a bailout bag but with additional functionality that makes it more accessible in the vehicle but just as mobile should the user need to leave the vehicle.


The Drive-by Kit mounts to a headrest via an adjustable harness. The load carrying component can be quickly detached from the harness with a quick tug on the grab handle and then it can be attached to the user via a heavy-duty spring clip. This allows the pouch to be a stable and accessible fighting platform when mounted in the vehicle and then go with the user should they have to leave the vehicle.

The load carrying component of the Drive-by Kit features a zippered, clam-shell opening pouch with internal elastic loop organization. This pouch is ideal for first aid components but versatile enough to hold other items. There are two open top AR-15 magazine pouches located behind the large clam-shell opening pouch. The entire load carrying component is also MOLLE compatible so it can be attached to any PALS webbing.

Check out the Drive-by Kit at RE Factor Tactical.


2 Responses to RE Factor Tactical Drive-by Kit

  1. Matthew R April 27, 2016 at 05:24 #

    I’m really wondering about the little bag attached to the guy’s butt stock… I would buy one of those.

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