CDM Gear Delta Wave Mossberg Safety

I know a few of you have been following the development of CDM Gear’s new Mossberg shotgun safety. The time has come. It is now available.

cdm gear delta wave cdm gear delta wave installed

The Delta Wave Mossberg Safety was, in the words of CDM Gear:

created to give you a little more reach and control when activating the safety on your Mossberg 500, 590A1, 903SPX and others. By creating a second contact and control point closer to the operator, the safety can be rocked on and off more easily without excessive reach or even taking your thumb off the safety. An aggressive ,wide and deep serration assures grip and control while the wide, curved rear deck increases contact awareness in questionable situations. This gives hunters, 3 gunners, security professionals and everyone else increased control in cold/wet conditions or when wearing gloves. Works with 12 ga. and 20ga. Mossberg shotguns with a top mounted safety. USA Made!

Check out the Delta Wave Mossberg Safety at CDM Gear.


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