Whiskey Two-Four Modular Placard

Whiskey Two-Four’s new Modular Placard packs a ton of features into a compact package. It’s an easy way to add modular, easily swap-able load carriage ability to your plate carrier. Laser cut Hypalon construction makes it thin, light, and durable.

wtf modular placard

The Modular Placard will accept any MOLLE compatible pouch and features adjustable hanger height. It is compatible with the industry standard SwiftClip attachment system developed by Velocity Systems and Mayflower R&C so it will attach to wide variety of plate and armor carriers.

If your plate carrier or armor carrier does not have loop Velcro on the front to help stabilize the placard, Whiskey Two-Four offers a loop Velcro base panel that can be mounted on PALS webbing.

Check out the Modular Placard at Whiskey Two-Four.

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2 Responses to Whiskey Two-Four Modular Placard

  1. publiu5 April 17, 2016 at 19:24 #

    This product was initially a custom request for me that Ryan and I came up with. I’ve been extremely pleased with mine and hypalon is just so incredible. Great work on this WTFidea!

  2. JKifer April 19, 2016 at 09:13 #

    This is a good piece of kit. Its very affordable and the adjustable height is awesome.

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