Monthly subscription gift box are very popular right now. Typically, you pay a monthly subscription fee and a box full of mystery items is delivered to your door. The subscription service is able to provide a box that is worth significantly more than you paid because they work with manufacturers to procure promotional items or are able to secure low pricing on the basis of sheer volume. It seems that every industry has services like this now and the “tactical” world is not exempt.


TacPack is just one of the handful of subscription boxes in this space but they have caught my eye for the quality of the items that they are providing. Past box items have included RATS Tourniquets, small steel targets, EOS TiSharks, gun cleaning gear, Mechanix Gloves and other stuff you will actually use (except the TQ, hopefully you don’t need to use that… but definitely carry one). Their boxes cost $50 and they typically deliver a value 0f $70 or more according to TacPack.

I have checked out similar services before and it can be a lot of fun to rip into that mystery box when it arrives. Check out TacPack.

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