Gunstruction March 2016 User’s Choice Builds

Gunstruction’s User’s Choice Builds are comprised of the most popular parts from each category in their virtual AR building software. These builds reflect the parts that Gunstruction users selected most frequently for their virtual builds which makes it a interesting window into consumer trends… and there is always something interesting about these builds.

gunstruction user choice mar 2016 ar15

The AR-15 side of the house continues with the trend of user’s choosing EOTech sights. This has been the case going all the way back to September 2015 in spite of the well publicized issues with their sights. It is also interesting that, possibly for the first time ever, the most popular pistol grip was manufactured by someone other than Magpul (BCM in this case).

gunstruction user choice mar 2016 ar10

The AR-10 builds continue to lean toward precision rather than MBR/general purpose type builds. However, this month the user’s were most excited about a 10.5″ barrel which bucks the trend of 16″+ barrels in previous months.

One Response to Gunstruction March 2016 User’s Choice Builds

  1. publiu5 April 6, 2016 at 14:20 #

    Wow, imagine that. EOTECH. Again.

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