Flat Grind Mora Knives from Baryonyx Knife Co.

Everyone likes Mora knives because they are such a great value but not everyone likes maintaining their “Scandi” grind edges. Baryonyx Knife Co. is now offering Moras that have been reground with full flat grinds. The knives are still very affordable but now they have increased cutting performance and a grind with which more Americans are familiar.


I should also mention that Baryonyx Knife Co. is one of my favorite places to buy cutting tools. They inspect each and every item that they carry before selling it to ensure that everything is as it should be. They also offer a very affordable “Special Grade” service on most items which means that they will regrind the cutting edge to improves its performance. These services are especially nice for items like machetes which often come unsharpened or axes where you have to be concerned with things like grain orientation.

Check out the full flat grind Mora options at Baryonyx Knife Co. The available selection changes periodically.

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