Watson Knives Clinch Pick Modifications

The factory production version of the venerable Shivworks Clinch Pick is a very good knife right out of the box but there is room for improvement. For instance, the sheath has too much material around the guard area of the knife. This prevents the user from gripping the Clinch Pick optimally without having to adjust their grip. Some users also find the handle to be slightly larger than it needs to be and, as with any factory knife, the edge can be improved. That is where Watson Knives comes in…

Joe Watson Clinch Pick Mods

Watson Knives now offers a Shivworks Clinch Pick Modification package that addresses the issues above. The mod package has three components that can be mixed and matched based on your needs. Watson Knives can re-grind the knife with a thinned, hollow primary and secondary bevel to improve cutting performance. They can also thin and texture the G-10 handle slabs to slightly reduce the handle size and greatly improve grip. Finally, they can trim your sheath so that it has both excellent retention but also allows a proper grip right from the sheath.

These modifications will require you to send your Clinch Pick to Watson Knives so be sure to follow directions carefully. Check out the Shivworks Clinch Pick Mods at Watson Knives.

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