GunfightersINC Introduces Add-on Ammo Carrier for the Kenai Chest Holster

I think most of the people who pontificate about how revolvers are obsolete probably don’t spend much time in bear country. Revolvers remain to be one of the most practical ways to deliver truly potent handgun calibers. This is why GunfightersINC makes the Kenai Chest Holster for many of the most popular bear protection revolvers available.


They are now offering the Add-on Ammo Carrier that allows the user to carry additional ammo for their revolver on either side of the holster. It is available in two sizes, one that accommodates traditional magnum cartridges like .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum. The other size accommodates larger cartridges like .45 Colt and .500 S&W.

In addition to working on the Kenai’s chest straps, it can also be used on rifle slings, belts, and pack straps. The Add-on Ammo Carrier is made in the USA by Tactical Tailor and available for pre-order now (delivery will be around the end of March or early April).

Pre-ordering is now open at GunfightersINC.


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