Review: Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling

I have been using an Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling for over a year now and I have really come to appreciate it’s simple approach to helping the shooter build a steadier shooting position. I have used it mostly on two precision AR-15 builds but it has also done some time on a .30-06 Ruger American Rifle that I am setting up for hunting.


The Precision Rifle Sling has three features that make it stand out for me. The first is the always-open arm cuff. The cuff can be adjusted to fit your arm and then it stays that size more or less. To use it, you simple slip your body out of the sling and drive your support arm into the loop. Then you can pull the loop higher onto your arm as necessary. Once your arm is in the sling loop you can do a forearm wrap or quick adjust the sling tension to tighten it into a rock steady position which brings me to the next thing I like about the sling…

The tension adjustments can be made while you are in the sling. There is a short tail at the front of the sling that can be pulled to tighten the shooting position while you are already slung up. This allows you to fine tune the position quickly which is a big plus considering how much your support arm positioning may change based on the shooting position.

SPR Build

Finally, the bungee section of the sling has really surprised me. I have never had a shooting sling with a bungee feature but the Precision Rifle Sling features a stretch segment built into the “back” half of the sling. This, coupled with the wide webbing, makes it more comfortable to carry heavier rifles like my SPR. It also serves to suck the shooter into the rifle when shooting off of a barricade or even just on the rifle bar of a tree stand.

The Precision Rifle Sling is well made and the materials are top notch. It is available in a number of colors (mine is ATACS-AU) and with three different attachment options (plain ends, QD swivels, and AI Hooks).

I like this sling so much that I find myself moving it between rifles constantly. Check it out at Armageddon Gear.

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